Our Company

Trans-Valemar, s.l. is a logistics and transport firm with more than 25 years’ experience in the sector. Our lengthy professional career has allowed us to specialise in diverse services, such as transport at controlled temperatures and transport of general freight, having on-hand to provide these an extensive fleet of vehicles equipped with the most advanced technology, such as GPS Sat-Nav.
Over the years we have offered services to our clients from our headquarters located 5 km from the centre of Valencia, and from 2015 we also have an operations base located at less than 2 km from the city centre.
As an experienced logistical operator, we have developed major skills to carry out road shipments of any nature, full-load exports and imports. We provide services to any part of the Spanish mainland along with all member states of the European Union, swiftly and effectively. More than a quarter of a century in operation allows us to ensure the monitoring and delivery in perfect conditions of your shipment, along with maximum levels of punctuality.
With regard to logistics, we have on-hand our own warehouse facilities. We study the storage needs of each client, carrying out the unloading of one-off or scheduled lorries, handling of containers, stock control and preparation of shipments, all carefully performed from our installations. To achieve this we boast highly-qualified staff who are always willing to offer the maximum levels of guarantees.